Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality Policy

Chloride Zimbabwe is in the business of enhancing people’s lives by providing durable and reliable renewable energy solutions. We manufacture, and distribute; automotive, industrial and solar batteries. Chloride Zimbabwe also distributes and installs power backup systems.

At Chloride Zimbabwe, we work together to implement integrated management systems and apply principles of sustainable development to meet stakeholder requirements.

          In conducting our business, we are committed to:

  • Complying with the requirements of ISO 9001 & ISO 14001.
  • Be Dependable and Focused in doing everything possible to continually enhance and improve our Management System to ensure that our safety , health , environmental and quality performance is consistent with applicable legal and other requirements including legislation , regulations and customer requirements to which we subscribe.
  • Regularly identify, evaluate and treat risks associated with our current and future activities, products and services; that cause or may cause environmental pollution and degradation, occupational injury, ill health and will implement measures to avoid, reduce, or control them to the extent which is technically and /or economically viable.
  • Fully optimize our employee’s talent in achieving our goals by engaging, developing and retaining competences in line with business strategies.
  • Making available adequate resources for the smooth operation of business.
  • Set specific and measurable objectives and targets which we will monitor, evaluate and strive to achieve by continually improving our products, services and key business processes.
  • Periodically review the performance of our Management Systems, for continual and sustainable improvements.

This policy does not only define our way of life but our basic strategy for survival and future growth.

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