Chloride Zimbabwe is a wholly owned subsidiary of ART Corporation and its operations are situated in Workington, Harare. Chloride Zimbabwe is in the business of providing renewable energy solutions specialising in manufacturing of lead acid batteries and distributing solar solutions.

Exide is the prime brand for automotive industry, for Deep Cycle batteries come under Exide Solar for the 12V battery, Chloride Standby and Motive for the 2V cells. Exide Solar is designed to cater for back-up and Solar Installations. Standby batteries are specifically designed for standby power. Motive batteries power vehicles such as locomotives, forklifts and good for back-up and Solar installations.

A network of distributors both locally in the SADC region enables effective market penetration. Exide Express is the main Exide distributor in Zimbabwe, Chloride Zambia in Zambia and a number of distributors in Malawi.

Chloride provides an after Sales Service through the distribution network and a special team for Solar and Industrial applications. The service includes battery installations , battery capacity tests, battery care and maintenance. Training is offered for individuals and groups involved in battery handling.

Chloride Zimbabwe recycles used batteries are collected through distributors and commercial offices throughout the country.

Chloride was founded in 1928 under the name Electric and Power Storage Company. The company went international in the early 1940’s under the name Chloride Electric international setting up its first factory in India, as it continued to expand its foot print in Southern Africa Chloride Electric international opened an operation in 1956 when Rhodesia was part of a federation known as the Federation of Southern Rhodesia, Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland. Chloride Electric International later disinvested its share in the Zimbabwean market, a share that was later bought by Trans Zambezi Industries (T.Z.I.) becoming a subsidiary of T.Z.I.  After T.Z.I.’s liquidation in 1999, Chloride Zimbabwe was eventually acquired by the present owner; the Amalgamated Retail Trading group (A.R.T.)

All marketing and selling was done direct from Chloride factory until the late 1970 when Chloride then opened branches in Bulawayo and Mutare, and Harare and these were turned into retail shops known as EXIDE ELECTRIC.  Late Exide Electric outlets changed the name to Battery Care and then to Battery Express, who became the distribution arm of Chloride. In 2015 Battery Express was rebranded to Exide Express.



To be one of the leading suppliers of world class renewable energy solutions.


Enhance quality of life through renewable energy solutions.


Intergity• Team Work• Transparency• Communication •Commitment• Respect

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